Specialist Carp Fishery and Fishery Management Services
Richard Bult BSc (Hons) M.I.F.M
HBS Fisheries
West Newton
Nr Bridgwater

Fishery Management Service

HBS fisheries also offer fishery management services which include electrofishing using a state of the art Electracatch WFC4 - High Voltage pulsed DC electrofishing system. The WFC4-HV machine is suitable for catching fish in low conductivity rivers and burns. This machine is also extremely effective when working in lakes and larger rivers. This equipment employs a transformer with switched output voltages, thereby enabling a range of outputs to be used. The output voltages may be selected to suit the characteristics of the freshwater lakes or rivers where the equipment is being used. We also have seine nets manufactured with lead line or weights at the bottom - this helps us to combat the problem of lakes with silty bottoms. Nets with lead lines are used for silty bottom lakes and nets with weights are used for gravel bottom lakes.

Fish transportation throughout the UK using our specialist vehicles which are fully equipped with insulated tanks and electric air blowers or oxygen cylinders to make sure the fish are transported with minimal stress and arrive in tip top condition.

Fish micro-chipping is also available to mark and monitor fish growth and movement of fish, this is carried out using our specially trained staff. We can also supply scanners and signage etc to protect your fishery.

Maguire VO2 mobile aerator available for hire, this diesel powered machine is awesome and puts oxygen back into the water to avoid fish loss.

HBS Fisheries now offer a cost effective weed cutting service for lakes and waterways, we have recently fitted one of our working boats with a 5ft wide electric weed knife and rake system this allows us to cut and remove aquatic weeds up to 5ft in depth and select those areas of aquatic weed you want to cut or clear entire areas of waterways and leave just enough aquatic weed to maintain a natural balance and underwater habitat. The pictures attached show a local fishery of around an acre that was chocked with spiked water milfoil and algae and was totally unfishable within 5 hours it was cleared and completely fishable again.The cut material will be removed from the water to avoid deoxygenation. It will be left in small heaps at the side of the water to allow invertebrates & newts a chance to return to the water. Prices start from £250 plus VAT per day for the weed boat complete with a two man team to operate it.

Water quality testing for PH, oxygen levels, conductivity, ammonia and nitrates.

Groundcare maintenance such as mowing or spraying using our compact Mitsubishi MT20 four wheel drive tractor and other specialist equipment. Our staff are qualified with PA1, PA5 (Boat mounted) and PA6AW qualifications to allow the use of pesticides on and near water to control excessive weed etc. Please phone for further information on this service.
Services price list
Fish Micro-chippingPOA
Maguire VO2 mobile AeratorFrom £70 per day
Electrofishing or seine netting (2 man team)from £450 per day
Water quality testing£15
Compact Tractor hire with operator£20 per hour
Weed Control SprayingPOA
Carp Pellet£550 Half ton / £950 per ton
Weed Cutting Boat£250 per day