Specialist Carp Fishery and Fishery Management Services
Richard Bult BSc (Hons) M.I.F.M
HBS Fisheries
West Newton
Nr Bridgwater

Specimen Carp Syndicate

A 2.5 acre spring fed lake with varying depths and lots of features in every swim. The lake record stands at 30lbs caught in August 2012, amidst an excellent stock of 20lb plus fish, and a good selection mid-upper double figure carp. The water is triangular in shape with water depths ranging from 2 ft to 11/12ft in some of the deep channels. There are also two islands with overhanging willows and shrubs, a plateau and six table tops. Wood chipped path access all around the main lake with established shrub/tree screening between swims. Stocked with around 45 fish between 12lbs and 30lbs. There are eleven swims and a quiet area for stalking. This lake is for the serious carp angler. £275 per year which includes day/night fishing plus use of all facilities such as a summerhouse with cooking facilities, mains toliets and drinking water. Syndicate numbers are limited to 25 anglers maximum and anglers will be interviewed prior to membership.


1.All anglers MUST have HBS identification card on them at all times, if not you will be asked to leave.
2.There is a maximum time limit of 4 hours for a bivvy to be left in a swim whilst any member is away from the lake.
3.Pre-baiting is acceptable, but must not be done in the close proximity of anyone already fishing. You will be expected to use common sense and consideration for others in this matter.
4.Three Rods maximum unless there are five or more anglers fishing then it is restricted to two rods. Rods MUST not be left unattended.
5.Micro barbed or Barbless hooks ONLY to be used. Minimum size 10 hooks, and 10lb line for normal bottom fishing for carp. No floater fishing is allowed whilst fish are actively spawning.
6.Fixed leads are not permitted. In the event of a mainline break, the leads must be able to detach at the first hitch.
7.Total Nut ban e.g. peanut and tiger. Coarse fish or carp pellets are OK. NEVER USE TROUT PELLETS. Selected particles will be allowed, in moderation. Please talk to Richard.
8.Bait boats are permitted, on a trial basis, but members must not fish at an extreme angle or range. Stay within logical confines of your swim.
9.Landing net must be at 36 inches wide and must be disinfected before use.
10.HBS Fisheries unhooking mats must be used, and sited, whenever possible, over grass, Create as large as possible protective area, particularly over mulched swims. Get everything you need ready, (mat, weigh sling, scales, anti-bacteriacide, forceps, camera and second person to photograph the fish), BEFORE lifting the fish out of the water. NEVER stand up with a fish in your arms, and always take photographs in a kneeling position, with the fish as low as possible to the ground. Never leave a fish unattended on the mat & wet down regularly, particularly during hot or sunny weather. Carry the fish to the water in a sling or net, and NEVER in your arms.
11.Carp are only allowed to be sacked up to 30 mins to allow for photographs
12.You must remove rings, watches and necklaces before handling fish. Some, particularly metal expander watch straps can do serious damage to lively fish.
13.All members are expected to carry Clinic or similar AT ALL TIMES, and use it on any fish damage.
14.Absolutely no litter to be left in swims.
15.All facilities e.g summerhouse/toilets MUST be kept clean and tidy
16.Lights are to be shaded from the water at night, and open fires are not permitted. Barbeques are allowed, but you must ensure that the ashes are discarded safely, particularly during dry conditions.
17.Drinking is moderation is fine, but drunkeness and rowdy behaviour is totally unacceptable. The use of wacky baccy and other 'recreational' drugs on the land is strictly prohibited. Subversive actions and back stabbing is not acceptable, and will result in expulsion from the syndicate.
18.For security reasons, unless it is already unlocked, the top gate is to be kept locked.
19.Dogs are not permitted
20.You are expected to use common sense in picking swims when others are close by. It is NOT considered acceptable to fish First, and then ask questions.
21.Children must always be kept under close supervision.
22.Stalking is allowed, PROVIDING that other anglers are not disturbed. There are currently no out of bounds areas for stalking, but you are expected to show consideration for other anglers and respect for the trees and undergrowth.
23.No wading or using a boat unless permission has been given by Richard. This is for your own safety!
24.When night fishing, please take utmost care to avoid disturbing our neighbours. You are asked, whenever possible, to be on the water before 10pm, and remain until after 7am. If any movement is necessary between these times, IT MUST BE DONE VERY QUIETLY, particularly around the lake area. Drive very slowly down the track.
25.Radios, TV's and DVD players are permitted, but you must ensure that other anglers aren't disturbed.
26.Please check the authority of any stranger on the land, but please be civil. In most cases they will have permission.

HBS Fisheries withhold the right to terminate syndicate membership for violation of these rules resulting in loss of membership fee. In the event of the syndicate closing all anglers will be given one months notice and refunded any outstanding fees.