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Stock Fish For Sale

HBS Fisheries are now able to offer excellent growth strain common & mirror carp, tench and other coarse fish sale, We pride ourselves on our fast growing strain of Common and Mirror carp which are all bred from our own brood stock, and then grown on in our lakes in and around Somerset. All these fish are English fish and come with a full health certificate. All fish once on site are kept in isolated tanks with bore hole water flowing through them. Once the fish have been graded into sizes and orders they are loaded onto a fish transport trailer. This trailer is fully equipped with air blowers and oxygen blowers and oxygen cylinders, again this is to give the fish an air oxygen mixture. All the transport tanks are thermally insulated so there will be no temperature change while the fish are in transit. Once the fish arrive at the customer's lake, all delivery vehicles have a set of platform scales on board and if you wish all the fish can be weighed off the vehicle. Section 30 approval will be obtained from the Environment Agency by ourselves unless requested not to do so by the customer. In this case we must see a copy of the section 30 before the fish are introduced into a water course.

We must have the following information for the section 30 form: full name and address of the purchaser, club and water coarse. A grid reference or sketch map for the point of introduction of the fish is also required. On multiple introductions into a canal or river we must know all the introduction points, as we may need more than one section 30. As a company we try to keep delivery costs at a minimum. Therefore we try to accommodate as many deliveries on a given day as possible to keep the costs to a minimum. However the customer may state the day and time of delivery. The size of the order will determine whether there will be a charge for this service.

I often asked how much these fish weigh to help with planning stocking rates. Once carp, in particular, get to a few inches in length, a one inch increase in length can result in a much heavier fish because for every inch increase in length, they grow upwards and outwards as well! As a result the hundreds weights of different batches are bound to vary but for guidance only, the weight per five hundred of these carp are approximately as follows:

3-6" 30lbs/500
6-8" 75lbs/500

Phone now to discuss your requirements, fish supplied from October to March. All fish are subject to availibilty. All prices shown are subject to VAT @ 20%.

Stock Fish Price List

Size Fish Price  
3 - 5lbBream£0.00per lb
6 - 8"Bream£1,950.00per 1000
8 - 10"Bream£4,950.00per 1000
6 - 8"Chub£3,000.00per 1000
2 - 3"Common/Mirror Carp£390.00per 1000
3 - 4"Common/Mirror Carp£550.00per 1000
4 - 6"Common/Mirror Carp£875.00per 1000
6 - 8"Common/Mirror Carp£2,000.00per 1000
8" - 3lbCommon/Mirror Carp£5.25per lb
3 - 5lbCommon/Mirror Carp£6.25per lb
5 - 8lbCommon/Mirror Carp£7.25per lb
10 lb +Common/Mirror Carp POA£0.00per lb
3 - 4"Crucian Carp£460.00per 1000
4 - 6"Crucian Carp£1,950.00per 1000
6 - 8"Crucian Carp£2,750.00per 1000
3 - 4"Golden Rudd£460.00per 1000
4 - 6"Golden Rudd£575.00per 1000
3 - 4"Green Tench£1,000.00per 1000
6 - 8"Green Tench£3,950.00per 1000
8 - 10"Green Tench£595.00per 100
10" +Green Tench POA£0.00per lb
3 - 4"Perch£400.00per 1000
4 - 6"Perch£600.00per 1000
Common Carp
Common Carp
Mirror Carp
Mirror Carp